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Get Comfortable With Progressives

Getting used to your new progressive lenses might seem a bit of a challenging task, but, with the help of the following tips you can get comfortable with them in a week to two weeks time:

  • For the first 4-5 days avoid wearing your progressive lenses while driving (even if you are not driving and just sitting in the vehicle), on stairs and while going for walks or jogging.
  • Do not operate potentially dangerous machinery until you are fully adjusted to the progressives.
  • It is suggested that you start wearing your progressives immediately while watching TV., working on computer and doing table work.
  • You should start wearing your progressives gradually to get used to them easily for example, on 1st day you should wear only for 1 hr, then 2nd day for 2 hr, then 3rd day for 3 hr, and like this you have to go on until you feel comfortable in them.
  • For first few days there are chances that you can get headaches, eye strain and to some extent neck pain, so please do not worry if these things happen, just discontinue it for half n hour then again start wearing them.
  • Remember to point your nose where you want to look.

If you have trouble acclimating to the “reading zone,” reorient yourself by looking straight ahead and then down.

Give yourself plenty of time to make the adjustment, and don’t expect minor, incremental improvements. Many users report disorientation for several days followed by almost instantaneous adjustment. Follow these steps to minimize discomfort and maximize your chances at a successful adjustment to progressive lenses.

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