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Amazing Eye Facts

Our Eyes in Facts and Figures
  • The human eye can distinguish between 500 shades of grey.
  • The human eye can detect 10 million different colors.
  • The clear cornea at the front of the eye is the only living tissue in the human body that does not contain any blood vessels.
  • The eye is the only part of the human body that can function at 100% ability at any moment without rest.
  • Eyes are composed of more than 2 million working parts.
  • Under the right conditions the eye can discern candle light at a distance of 14 miles.
  • Men can read smaller print than women (women can hear better!).
  • Eyes are the most complex organ apart from your brain.
  • It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  • Smoking reduces your night vision.
  • Your visual field increases by 10% in the dark because your pupils are larger.
  • If you go blind in one eye you only loose around 1/5 of your total vision.
  • The average blink lasts 300-400 milliseconds.
  • The adult eye contains about 12 million light sensitive cells.
  • Babies' eyes don't produce any tears until they are about 6-8 weeks old.
  • Babies can't blink before the age of 6 months.
  • All babies are born colour blind.
  • It takes some children up to 3 years to attain their final eye colour.
  • Your eyes blink over 10 million times a year.
  • Eyes contribute 85% towards your total knowledge.
  • 80% of our memories are made up of visual images.
  • In a normal life span your eyes will see almost 24 million images of the world around you.
  • Your eyelashes have an average life span of 5 months.
  • Your eyes will never wear out.
  • We shed over 30 million eyelashes over our lifetime.
  • The lens inside the eye continues to grow throughout life.

Make sure you look after this amazing organ and have regular eye tests at a qualified optometrist.

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